getUserTableAccessRecords([from=0], [to])


from (optional) is an integral or temporal number indicating the start time of the query. The default value is 0, indicating the queried records starts from the record at 1970.01.01 00:00.

to (optional) is an integral or temporal number indicating the end time of the query. The default value is NULL, indicating the query includes records up to the current time.

Note that from must be no greater than to.


Get the information stored in query logs (located at <HomeDir>/resource/access.log) within the specified time range. This function can only be called by the administrator on a data node.

It returns a table containing the following fields:

  • timestamp: a timestamp of NANOTIMESTAMP type. If type is sql, it indicates the time when the query execution starts; If type is rowCount or memUsage, it indicates the time when data is read.

  • rootQueryId: the query ID of a SQL query. It is the unique identifier for DFS SQL queries. A DFS query is split into multiple sub-queries by partition. This ID is the root ID for the DFS query and its sub-queries.

  • userId: the login user ID.

  • database: the queried database.

  • table: the queried table.

  • type: the message type, which can be sql, rowCount or memUsage.

  • value:

    • the execution count (always 1) when type is sql.
    • the number of records involved in the query when type is rowCount.
    • the memory usage (in bytes) of the query results when type is memUsage.


// output
timestamp	rootQueryId	userId	database	table	type	value	script
2023.12.30T09:18:35.894150296	e892855b-7843-1492-0140-a85810662006	admin	dfs://rangedb	pt	sql	1	select count(x) as count_x from pt
2023.12.30T09:18:35.894497304	e892855b-7843-1492-0140-a85810662006	admin	dfs://rangedb	pt	rowCount	43	
2023.12.30T09:18:35.894501600	e892855b-7843-1492-0140-a85810662006	admin	dfs://rangedb	pt	memUsage	516