Get the status of recovery tasks. This function can only be executed on a controller.

Return a table containing the following columns:

  • TaskId: The job ID of the recovery task.

  • TaskType: The type of the recovery task. It can be "LoadRebalance" and "ChunkRecovery".

  • ChunkId: The chunk ID.

  • ChunkPath: The DFS path of the chunk.

  • Source: The source node for data recovery.

  • Dest: The destination node for data recovery.

  • Status: The status of the recovery task. It can be "Waiting", "In-Progress", and "Finished" or "Aborted".

  • AttemptCount: The number of recovery attempts that have been made.

  • DeleteSource: Whether to delete the replica on the source node. When TaskType is "ChunkRecovery", it is false. When TaskType is "LoadRebalance", it can be true or false.

  • StartTime: The time when the recovery task is created.

  • LastDequeueTime: The last time when the recovery task is dequeued.

  • LastStartTime: The last time when the recovery task started.

  • FinishTime: The time when the recovery task was finished.

  • IsIncrementalRecovery: Whether incremental replication is enabled.

  • IsAsyncRecovery: Whether asynchronous replication is enabled.

  • ChangeFromIncrementalToFull: Whether incremental replication has been changed to full replication. The recovery will be automatically changed to full recovery after multiple attempts for incremental recovery fail.

  • ChangeToSyncTime: The time when the online recovery is changed from asynchronous to synchronous.

  • FailureReason: The reason for the failure of the recovery tasks.