chunkPath (optional) is the DFS path to one or multiple database chunks. It supports wildcards %, * and ?.

tableName (optional) is a string indicating a table name.

diskUsage (optional) is a Boolean value indicating whether the result includes the column of diskUsage.

top (optional) is a positive number indicating the maximum number of chunks in the output. The default value is 1024. To remove the upper limit of chunks in the output, set top to -1.


Return metadata of specified tablet chunks on the local node. To get metadata about all tablet chunks of a distributed table, use getTabletsMeta together with pnodeRun.

Return a table with the following columns:

  • chunkId: the unique identifier of chunk.

  • path: the physical path of the partition.

  • dfsPath: the dfs path of the partition.

  • tableName: the table name.

  • version: the version number.

  • rowNum: the number of records in the partition.

  • createCids: the Cids created when updating/deleting the table.

  • latestPhysicalDir: the temporary physical directory storing the data generated by the operation with the latest Cid.

  • diskUsage: the disk space occupied by partition (in Bytes).


db=database("dfs://testDB", VALUE, 1..10)
t=table(rand(1..10, n) as id, rand(100.0, n) as x)
db.createPartitionedTable(t, `pt1, `id).append!(t)
t=table(rand(1..10, n) as id, rand(100.0, n) as x, rand(100, n) as y)
db.createPartitionedTable(t, `pt2, `id).append!(t)
update loadTable("dfs://testDB",`pt1) set x=x*10
getTabletsMeta("/testDB/%", `pt1, true);
chunkId path dfsPath tableName version rowNum createCids latestPhysicalDir
dbfd1767-f9ca-689e-4d5e-643b8506e82d C:UsersDownl... /testDB/10 pt1 2 99815 [2059] pt1_2_2059
d221b457-fa7b-5990-4caa-13c99f56f716 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/9 pt1 2 99975 [2059] pt1_2_2059
92904d3b-0147-9bb8-4a28-f99525b250e7 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/8 pt1 2 99844 [2059] pt1_2_2059
7478c15a-0629-c8ab-47ee-a1d12c3c1cd6 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/1 pt1 2 100237 [2059] pt1_2_2059
8bc48c11-86ca-97ac-4ee4-8f829de92cc8 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/5 pt1 2 99991 [2059] pt1_2_2059
6b3a0a09-bc64-3bab-4535-344b7316d244 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/2 pt1 2 100120 [2059] pt1_2_2059
a7452c44-5d2b-6f82-4150-7bc48e941d64 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/4 pt1 2 99535 [2059] pt1_2_2059
a1a375cc-b6c0-29b2-485a-330af7447564 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/6 pt1 2 100518 [2059] pt1_2_2059
b04b4c04-6d43-0d8d-4000-6ae88e349eda C:UsersDownl... /testDB/3 pt1 2 99919 [2059] pt1_2_2059
b20df3a7-678b-1cbe-400d-d8e566706682 C:UsersDownl... /testDB/7 pt1 2 100046 [2059] pt1_2_2059