getChunksMeta([chunkPath], [top=1024])


chunkPath (optional) is the DFS path to one or multiple database chunks. It supports wildcards %, * and ?.

top (optional) is a positive number indicating the maximum number of chunks in the output. The default value is 1024. If it is set to -1, the number of returned chunks is not limited.


Return metadata of specified database chunks on the local datanode. If chunkPath is not specified, return metadata of all database chunks on the local data node.

It returns a table containing the following columns:

  • site: Alias of the node

  • chunkId: The chunk ID

  • path: The path to database chunks

  • dfsPath: The DFS path to database chunks

  • type: The partition type. 0 for file chunk; 1 for tablet chunk.

  • flag: Flag for deletion. flag=1 means the chunk cannot be queried, but has not been removed from disk.

  • size: The disk space (in bytes) occupied by the file chunk. It returns 0 for tablet chunks. Use the getTabletsMeta function to check the disk space tablet chunk occupies.

  • version: the version number

  • state: Chunk status. 0: data has been imported; 1: data is being imported; 2: data is being recovered.

  • versionList: version list.

  • resolved: Whether the transaction of the chunk is in the commit phase that needs to be resolved. True indicates the transaction is in the resolution phase or needs to be resolved; False indicates the transaction has already completed the resolution phase or it is not required.


db=database("dfs://testDB", VALUE, 1..10)

t=table(rand(1..10, n) as id, rand(100.0, n) as x)
db.createPartitionedTable(t, `p1, `id).append!(t)

t=table(rand(1..10, n) as id, rand(100.0, n) as x, rand(100, n) as y)
db.createPartitionedTable(t, `pt2, `id).append!(t)
site chunkId path dfsPath type flag size version state versionList resolved
P2-node1 092d5e12-e595-6f9e-b049-83cba1716997 /ssd/ssd5/jzVol… /testDB/pt2.tbl 0 0 49 1 0 2052:49; false
P2-node1 d31e6b47-18f0-37a6-0146-45bf6e266c56 /ssd/ssd6/jzVol… /testDB/7 1 0 0 2 0 cid : 2053,pt1… false
P2-node1 cd99d9ef-d864-f3bc-4945-f97017d43bf1 /ssd/ssd5/jzVol… /testDB/2 1 0 0 2 0 cid : 2053,pt1… false
P2-node1 8da4bea8-31d0-31b5-784f-67aa6339633d /ssd/ssd5/jzVol… /testDB/pt1.tbl 0 0 41 1 0 2050:41; false
P2-node1 dd5fc885-f6a6-bfae-8543-254f9fb92484 /ssd/ssd6/jzVol… /testDB/10 1 0 0 2 0 cid : 2053,pt1… false
P2-node1 4b8aaed1-2dd6-acb7-5148-4add878c3b33 /ssd/ssd6/jzVol… /testDB/domain 0 0 88 1 0 2049:88; false
P2-node1 28cb59ec-185a-0ebf-a849-267e769936af /ssd/ssd6/jzVol… /testDB/8 1 0 0 2 0 cid : 2053,pt1… false
P2-node1 b2facbd2-e301-428f-f94f-8579023f78af /ssd/ssd6/jzVol… /testDB/3 1 0 0 2 0 cid : 2053,pt1… false
P2-node1 8bec6445-bc6d-3693-7f46-d1bcdd350182 /ssd/ssd6/jzVol… /testDB/5 1 0 0 2 0 cid : 2053,pt1… false