Return the descriptive information about the running interactive jobs of the local node.

It returns a table with the following columns:

Name Meaning
node the alias of the local node
userID the user ID
rootJobId the root job ID
jobType the job type
desc the job description
priority priority of the job which is marked as integers ranging from 0 to 9
parallelism the parallelism, i.e., the maximum number of jobs that can run in parallel
receiveTime the time when a job is received by the node
sessionId the ID of the session where the job is submitted
remoteIP the IP address of the client where the job is submitted
remotePort the port number of the client where the job is submitted
totalTasks the total tasks broken down from the job
finishedTasks the number of finished tasks
runningTask the number of running tasks
firstTaskStartTime the start time of the first task
latestTaskStartTime the start time of the latest task
queue the task queues: The value can be normal queue (for level 0 workers); web queue (for web workers); local task queue (for level 1-5 workers); batch job queue


node userID rootJobId jobType desc priority parallelism receiveTime sessionId remoteIP remotePort totalTasks finishedTasks runningTask firstTaskStartTime latestTaskStartTime queue
P2-node1 admin 26681f9c-f914-81ae-47dd-8b8e6e106c48 script getConsoleJobs() 4 2 2022.01.05T11:05:06.778 1823289176 50595 1 0 1 2022.01.05T11:05:06.778 2022.01.05T11:05:06.778 normal queue