userName is a string indicating the user name.


Get the status of backup/restore tasks. Return a table where each row represents the information of a task.

  • userName: user name

  • type: backup/restore types.

  • BACKUP_BY_SQL/RESTORE_BY_SQL: backup/restore by SQL statement

  • BACKUP_BY_COPY_FILE/RESTORE_BY_COPY_FILE: backup/restore by copying files

  • startTime: when the task starts

  • dbName: database path

  • tableName: table name

  • totalPartitions: the number of partitions to be backed up/restored

  • completedPartitions: the number of partitions have been backed up/restored

  • percentComplete: the completion percentage

  • endTime: return the end time of a task if it has ended, otherwise return the estimated completion time

  • completed: whether the task is completed. Return 1 if it is completed, otherwise 0.

  • The number of tasks generated for a backup statement is the same as the number of the backup partitions.

  • Administrators can check the tasks submitted by all users, or the tasks submitted by a specified user by specifying a userName.

  • When a non-administrator executes the function, return the status of backup/restore tasks submitted by the current user.


userName type startTime dbName tableName totalPartitions completedPartitions percentComplete endTime completed
u1 BACKUP_BY_COPY_FILE 2022.09.21T17:18:04.264 dfs://valuedb pt 1 1 100 2022.09.21T17:18:04.269 1
u1 BACKUP 2022.09.21T17:13:04.344 dfs://valuedb pt 4 4 100 2022.09.21T17:13:04.413 1
u1 BACKUP_BY_COPY_FILE 2022.09.21T17:18:04.264 dfs://valuedb pt1 1 1 100 2022.09.21T17:18:04.265 1
admin BACKUP_BY_COPY_FILE 2022.09.21T16:47:42.798 dfs://valuedb pt 4 4 100 2022.09.21T16:47:42.859 1
admin BACKUP_BY_COPY_FILE 2022.09.21T16:37:33.725 dfs://valuedb pt 4 4 100 2022.09.21T16:37:33.790 1
admin BACKUP 2022.09.21T15:10:05.016 dfs://compoDB pt2 10 10 100 2022.09.21T15:10:05.075 1