jobIdPattern is a string indicating a job ID or a pattern of job ID. It supports wildcard characters (% and ?).


Return a table of scheduled jobs. If jobIdPattern is not specified, return all scheduled jobs.

It returns a table with the following columns:

Name Meaning
userId the user ID
jobId the job ID
jobDesc the job description
startDate the start date of the scheduled job (of DATE type)
endDate the end date of the scheduled job (of DATE type)
frequency the frequency to execute the scheduled job
scheduledTime the specified time to execute each job (of MINUTE type)
days the specified days to execute the scheduled job when frequency is 'W' or 'M'.


userId jobId jobDesc startDate endDate frequency scheduleTime days
root monthly Monthly Job 2018.01.01 2018.12.31 M 17:00m 1
root weekly Weekly Job 2018.01.01 2018.12.31 W 17:30m 2
root daily Daily Job 2018.01.01 2018.12.31 D 18:00m