option (optional) is an integral scalar indicating the type of the stream table to be obtained. It can take the following values:

  • 0: all stream tables;

  • 1: persisted stream tables;

  • 2: non-persisted stream tables;


Get the information of specified stream tables. It returns a table containing the following columns:

  • name: the table name;

  • shared: is shared or not;

  • persisted: is persisted or not;

  • loaded: loaded to memory or not;

  • columns: the number of columns;

  • rowsInMemory: the number of rows loaded to memory;

  • totalRows: the total number of rows;

  • memoryUsed: memory used (in bytes).

Note: If the persisted table has not been loaded to memory, only "name", "persisted", and "loaded" columns are returned. NULLs are returned for the rest of columns.


x=102.1 33.4 73.6;

rt=streamTable(id, x);
share streamTable(10:0,`time`sym`price`volume,[TIMESTAMP,SYMBOL,DOUBLE,INT]) as trades1;
share streamTable(10:0,`time`sym`price`volume,[TIMESTAMP,SYMBOL,DOUBLE,INT]) as trades2;

// output
name     shared  persisted  loaded  columns  rowsInMemory  totalRows  memoryUsed
rt       false     false     true      2          3            3          152
trades1  true      false     true      4          0            0          240
trades2  true      false     true      4          0            0          240