limit (optional) is an integer that specifies the maximum tasks that can be returned in the result. The default value is -1, meaning no limit is placed.


This function displays the cluster replication task status in the slave cluster. It returns a table where finished tasks are listed first, then followed by unfinished tasks.
  • If limit is not specified, there is no limit on the number of tasks returned.

  • If limit is specified, up to limit records (including finished and unfinished tasks) can be returned.

A maximum of 10,000 records of finished tasks are returned, and the unfinished tasks are displayed from the earliest time until the specified number of records is met.

It can only be executed by an administrator on the controller of a slave cluster.

It returns a table containing the following columns:
  • taskId: ID of asynchronous replication task.

  • masterTid: transaction ID in the master cluster.

  • groupId: ID of the group to which the asynchronous replication task belongs.

  • queueId: ID of the execution queue to which the replication task belongs.

  • operationType: operation type of the replication task.

  • createTime: the time (of NANOTIMESTAMP type) when the slave cluster receives the task from the master cluster.

  • dbName: the database name where the task is executed.

  • tableName: the table name where the task is executed.

  • srcIP: IP of the data node where data of write tasks is stored.

  • srcPort: port of the data node where data of write tasks is stored.

  • finishTime: the time (of NANOTIMESTAMP type) when the task is finished.

  • executionNode: the data node where the task is executed.

  • state: the task state, including WAITING, EXECUTING, FINISHED, and FAILED.

  • details: If state = FAILED, returns the failure cause; If state = FINISHED, provides additional description on the task.


taskId masterTid groupId queueId operationType createTime dbName tableName srcIP srcPort finishTime executionNode state details
1 1 1 0 CREATE_DOMAIN 2022.11.08T10:50:37.425056956 db://test_dropPartition_value localhost 8002 2022.11.08T10:50:37.452792885 NODE2 FINISHED
2 2 2 1 CREATE_PARTITIONED_TABLE 2022.11.08T10:50:37.425056988 db://test_dropPartition_value pt localhost 8002 2022.11.08T10:50:37.479906033 NODE3 FINISHED
3 3 3 2 APPEND 2022.11.08T10:50:37.425057012 db://test_dropPartition_value pt localhost 8002 2022.11.08T10:50:37.638746819 NODE1 FINISHED
4 4 4 3 DROP_PARTITION 2022.11.08T10:50:37.425057037 pt localhost 8002 2022.11.08T10:50:37.869783336 NODE2 FINISHED

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