dir (optional) specifies the directory to store the support bundle. The default path is <HomeDir>(which can be obtained with getHomeDir) for a standalone mode, and the sibling directory of <HomeDir> for a cluster mode.


Generate a file of support bundle containing all configuration information and return the file path. The function can only be called on a data node or compute node.

The file contains the following information:

Block Description Info Source
VERSION the server version version()
CONFIGS the configuration information.
  • standalone mode: dolphindb.cfg;
  • cluster mode: cluster.cfg, cluster.nodes, controller.cfg
DB AND TABLE SCHEMA the schema of each database and table schema
LICENSE AND MACHINE INFO license, CPU cores and memory usage license file: dolphindb.lic
OLAP CACHE ENGINE STATUS The status of OLAP cache engine on the current node and the memory usage of each node pnodeRun(getOLAPCacheEngineSize) pnodeRun(getOLAPCacheEngineStat)
TSDB META the metadata of all chunks in the TSDB database pnodeRun(getTSDBMetaData)
REDO LOG GC STATUS the redo log status pnodeRun(getRedoLogGCStat)
TRANSACTION STATUS the transaction status pnodeRun(getTransactionStatus)
TABLETS META the metadata of the 100 chunks in the cluster with the most rows select top 100 * from pnodeRun(getTabl etsMeta{"%","%",false,-1}) order by rowNum desc
ANOMALOUS CHUNK STATUS the status of anomalous chunks. Anomaly means chunks in recovery, with different version or replica counts. getClusterChunksStatus()


// output

// output