name is a string indicating the name of the module.

moduleDir (optional) is a string indicating the directory where the module files are located.

overwrite (optional) is a Boolean value indicating whether to overwrite the existing module dom file.


Serialize a module (".dos" file) to a binary file with a file name extension of ".dom". It must be executed by a logged-in user.

The default value of moduleDir is the relative directory "modules" that needs to be created by the user. The system searches the relative directory "modules" in the following order: home directory of the node, the working directory of the node, and the directory with the DolphinDB executable. Please note that in the single node mode, these 3 directory are the same by default.

saveModule enhances the confidentiality and the security of the code.


Assuming the directory "modules" under the node's home directory contains the module files "ta.dos" and "system/log/fileLog.dos", the following example serializes the module files to binary files.



Related command: loadModule