submitJobEx(jobId, jobDesc, priority, parallelism, jobDef, args...)


jobId is a string indicating the job ID.

jobDesc is a string of the job description.

priority is an integer from 0 to 9 indicating the importance of the job. 9 means the most important job.

parallelism is a positive integer indicating the maximum number of workers allocated to the job.

jobDef is a local function that defines the job. Please note that it is not the function name, and therefore it should not be quoted.

args... is the arguments of the local function. If the function has no arguments, it is unspecified.


Submit a batch job to the local node and return the job ID for future reference. The only difference between submitJobEx and submitJob is that we can specify parameters priority and parallelism in submitJobEx.


def jobDemo(n){
    s = 0
    for (x in 1 : n) {
        s += sum(sin rand(1.0, 100000000)-0.5)
        print("iteration " + x + " " + s)
    return s

submitJobEx("jobDemo1","job demo", 8, 12, jobDemo, 100);
// output