saveTable(dbHandle, table, [tableName], [append=false], [compression=false])


dbHandle is a DolphinDB database handle.

table is the table in memory to be saved.

tableName (optional) is a string indicating the desired name for the saved table. If unspecified, the saved table has the same name as the table in memory.

appending (optional) is the appending mode. When it is set to true, the new table will be appended to the old table. The default value is false.

compression (optional) is the compression mode. When it is set to true, the table will be saved to disk in compression mode. The default setting is false.


Save a table to an unpartitioned disk table. It must be executed by a logged-in user.

To save a table to a partitioned database, use createPartitionedTable together with append! or tableInsert.

Note: Disk tables are only used for backup or local computing. Unlike the DFS tables, disk tables do not support access control.


t=table(take(1..10,10000000) as id, rand(10,10000000) as x, rand(10.0,10000000) as y);

Save table t to disk:

saveTable(db, t);

Save table t to disk with name t1:

saveTable(db, t, `t1);

Save table t to disk with name t2 and with appending mode:

saveTable(db, t, `t2, true);

Save table t to disk with name t3 and with compression mode:

saveTable(db, t, `t3, false, true);