name is a string indicating the module name.

moduleDir is a string indicating the directory where the .dos and .dom files of modules are located.


Load the functions in a module or plug-in as DolphinDB built-in functions. If the module relies on other modules, the system will also load these modules. It must be executed by a logged-in user.

When the system starts up, the configuration parameter moduleDir determines the directory where the module is located:
  • If the configuration parameter is an absolute path, it is the directory where the search module is located.

  • If the configuration parameter is a relative path, the system will search in the three directories: HOMEDIR, WORKDIR and EXECDIR sequentially. If it is found, use the directory as moduleDir; if it cannot be found, use <HOMEDIR> + "/" + <moduleDir> as the absolute path of modules.

  • If the configuration parameter moduleDir is not set, it is the same as when setting it to a relative path.

If the module directory contains both a .dos file and a .dom file with the same name, the system will only load the .dom file.

Note: loadModule can only be used in the initialization script (dolphindb.dos as the default file) of the system.

Function loadModule has the same function with the configuration parameter preloadModules.


Example 1. Load modules:



Example 2. Load plugins:



Related command: saveModule