loadBackup(backupDir, dbPath, partition, tableName)


backupDir is a string indicating the directory where the backup is saved.

dbPath is a string indicating the path of a DFS database. For example: "dfs://demo".

partition is a string indicating the path of a partition under the database. For example: "/20190101/GOOG".

For versions between 1.30.16/2.00.4 -1.30.18/2.00.6, if chunkGranularity is set to "TABLE" when creating the database, partition must include the physical index (which you can get with the listTables function) of the selected partition. For example, if the physical index of the "/20190101/GOOG" partition is 8, then specify partition as "/20190101/GOOG/8" to load its backup.

tableName is a string indicating a distributed table name.


Load the backup of a partition in a distributed table. It must be executed by a logged-in user.

Currently, this function only supports loading a partition backed up with SQL statement (when the parameter sqlObj is specified for function backup).


loadBackup("/home/DolphinDB/backup","dfs://valuedb", "/200001M","pt");
month x
2000.01M 1
2000.01M 205
2000.01M 409
2000.01M 613
2000.01M 817