login(userId, password, [encrypted=false])


userId a string indicating a user name. It can only contain letters, underscores, or numbers. It cannot start with numbers. The length cannot exceed 30 characters.

password a string indicating the password. It cannot contain space or control characters. The length must be between 6 and 20 characters.

encrypted a Boolean value indicating whether to encrypt userId and password with public key.


A user logs in to operate on the controller or data nodes.

Since DolphinDB, users can determine whether to limit the number of failed login attempts by setting the configuration enhancedSecurityVerification. If it is not specified, no limit will be applied; if it is set to true, a user's account will be blocked for 10 minutes if the password is entered wrongly 5 times in a minute.


login(`JohnSmith, `Qb0507);