rebalanceChunksAmongDataNodes([exec = false], [updatedBeforeDays = 7.0])


exec (optional) is a Boolean value indicating whether to initiate data rebalancing. The default value is false, meaning that data rebalancing will not be executed and only the rebalancing plan will be returned.

updatedBeforeDays (optional) is a non-negative floating-point number, which limits the rebalancing process to only include chunks that were updated before updatedBeforeDays. The default value is 7 (in days).


This function is used to rebalance data among disks for optimal performance after a cluster is scaled up. It can only be executed on a controller by an administrator.

Return a table containing the following columns:

name meaning
chunkId the chunk ID
srcNode alias of source node
destNode alias of destination node
destVolume destination volume

After invoking this function, the system will print INFO-level logs that include the disk usage rate before and after rebalancing, in the following format:

[rebalance] Expected change of disk usage rate is before -> after
[rebalance] Change of disk usage rate in IP@fsid(1/disk count) is before -> after
[rebalance] Change of disk usage rate in IP@fsid(2/disk count) is before -> after

You can get the status of recovery tasks by getRecoveryTaskStatus on a controller.


srcNode chunkId destNode destVolume
node1 99279094-ca12-3b87-48b6-520cbb986f39 node2 /home/xxx/node2/storage
node1 45f612b8-42f5-aebd-4cef-e522b6ae1fc8 node2 /home/xxx/node2/storage