regexReplace(str, pattern, replacement, [offset])


str is a string or a string vector.

pattern is an ordinary string scalar or a regular expression pattern to be searched in str. Regular expression pattern includes character literals, metacharacters, or a combination of both.

replacement is a string scalar. It is used to replace pattern in str.

offset (optional) is a non-negative integer with default value of 0. This optional argument is the starting position in str to conduct the search and replace operation. The first character in str corresponds to positive 0.


Search in str for another string that matches pattern and and replace every occurrence of the matched string or pattern with replacement.


regexReplace("abc234 ff456", "[a-z]", "z");
// output
zzz234 zz456

regexReplace("abc234 ff456", "[a-z]+", "zzz");
// output
zzz234 zzz456

regexReplace("abc234 ff456", "[0-9]+", "zzz");
// output
abczzz ffzzz