backupSettings(fileName, [userPermission=true], [functionView=true])


fileName is a STRING scalar specifying the backup file path. It can be an absolute path or relative path to <HomeDir>.

userPermission (optional) is a Boolean scalar, indicating whether to back up user permissions. The default value is true.

functionView (optional) is a Boolean scalar, indicating whether to back up function views. The default value is true.


Back up all settings on users, permissions, and function views to specified directory.

This function can only be executed by an administrator on the controller. It can be used with restoreSettings to back up and restore user settings when migrating databases.

Return value: A vector containing all backup user names and function views.


backupSettings(fileName="/home/ddb/backup/permission.back", userPermission=true, functionView=true)
backupSettings(fileName="/home/ddb/backup/permission.back", userPermission=true, functionView=false)
backupSettings(fileName="/home/ddb/backup/permission.back", userPermission=false, functionView=true)
backupSettings(fileName="/home/ddb/backup/permission.back", userPermission=false, functionView=false)

Related function: restoreSettings