arrayVector(index, value)


index is a vector of positive integers, which must be strictly monotonically increasing.

value is a vector. Its data type must be supported by arrayVector


Convert value into an array vector by spliting it based on the elements in index. The number of elements in index indicates the number of rows of array vector. Each element in index corresponds to the position in value (starting from 1), which is the last element of each new vector. See how an array vector is converted in the following figure:

Note: The maximum value in index can be no greater than the length of value.


arrayVector(2 3 4, [1,2,3,4])
// output

arrayVector(1 4 7, [1.0,2.1,4.1,6.8,0.5,2.2,2])
// output

value = 2022.01.01 + 0..20
index = 7 14 21
arrayVector(index, value)
// output

Related function: fixedLengthArrayVector