pdfNormal(mean, stdev, X)


mean is a numeric scalar representing the mean of the normal distribution.

stdev is a numeric scalar representing the standard deviation of the normal distribution.

X is a numeric scalar or vector representing the points at which to compute the probability density.


Calculate the probability density of the specified normal distribution at X.

Its functionality and usage are the same as scipy.stats.norm.pdf.


Calculate the probability density value of the standard normal distribution at X=1:
pdfNormal(mean=0, stdev=1, X=1)
// output: 0.24197072451914337

Calculate the probability density values of a normal distribution with mean 1 and variance 1.5 at X=1, 2, 3:

pdfNormal(mean=1, stdev=1.5, X=[1,2,3])
// output: [0.265961520267622,0.212965337014901,0.109340049783996]