Error Code Reference

The error code reference is a collection that provides unique identifier code to identify and distinguish various types of errors that may arise during DolphinDB server runtime operations and appear in system logs. It aims to assist users in interpreting error messages, identifying probable triggers or causes of the errors, and suggesting solutions or recommended actions to resolve issues indicated by the codes. This guide with a range of error codes covered help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems in DolphinDB.

DolphinDB's error codes are composed of three parts, following a specific format: S + <Category Code> + <Error Numbers>.

  • S: represents the DolphinDB server.

  • <Category Code>: a 2-digit value denoting the category of errors, as detailed in the table below.

  • <Error Numbers>: a 3-digit distinct value assigned to each error within a particular category.

Table 1. Categories of Error Codes
Category Category Code Description
System 00 General system errors related to the network, disk, memory, and file operations.
Storage 01 Storage errors related to DFS tables, OLAP and TSDB engines, transactions, raft groups, recovery tasks, redo log, cache engine, backup/restore, and asynchronous replication.
SQL 02 Errors related to the SQL .
Streaming 03 Errors related to stream computing, streaming engines, and parsers.
Management 04 Errors related to management operations on databases, access control, function views, and clusters.
Others 05 Other errors related to data types and forms, etc.
Parser 06 Errors related to syntax parsing.