This function obtains information regarding nodes registered on the license server and the physical machine on which the node resides. This function can only be executed on a license server. It returns a table with the following columns:
  • type: node or machine.

  • host: the host address.

  • port: the port number of the node (or empty for a machine).

  • alias: the node alias (or empty for a machine).

  • usedMem: memory (in GB) already used on the node or machine.

  • usedCores: CPU cores that are already bound on the node or machine.

  • bindCores: CPU ID(s) that are already bound on the node or machine.

  • lastUpdate: the last time when resources are allocated to the node (or nodes on the machine).


// output
type        host            port    alias           usedMem      usedCores  bindCores       lastUpdate
node       33,795  test33          4            2                          2023.02.15T15:23:54.487
node       33,785  datanode3       4            2                          2023.02.15T15:11:48.454
machine                               8            4                          2023.02.15T15:23:54.487
node       33,782  datanode1       4            2                          2023.02.15T11:47:27.534
node       33,780  controller1     4            2                          2023.02.15T11:30:07.358
machine                               8            4                          2023.02.15T11:47:27.534